Baptism, Marriage, Funerals

Holy Baptism

Holy Baptism is normally administered in the church during services of corporate worship, or privately by special arrangement. Parents will be asked to meet with the officiating clergy person for baptismal instruction prior to Baptism. To fulfill their obligations, sponsors should be able to take their vows in good conscience as active Christians.

Holy Matrimony

Except in the case of illness, should be solemnized in the Church, Children’s Chapel or Chapel-in-the-Woods, weather permitting.  There must be at least two witnesses present and at least one party to the marriage must be a baptized person.  A minimum 30-day notice is required by the Canons of the Episcopal Church for a first marriage, and longer for a second marriage.  This provides adequate time for pre-marital counseling with the clergy.

Christian Burial

If possible, should always be accompanied by a service held in the church. While it is in the church, the casket is closed and covered with a pall symbolizing the equality of all under the love of God.  Memorial contributions may be made to St. Matthew’s Church in the name of the departed.

If you wish information about burial in the Churchyard, please contact the Parish Office.

Memorial Flowers

For Sunday services, the altar, right window, vestibule and Children's Chapel annual subscriptions for flower arrangements may be arranged by contacting the Altar Guild Flower Committee.  At Christmas and Easter, donations for memorial poinsettias and lilies may be made.  Following the Sunday services, the flowers are delivered to parishioners who are ill.





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