Church School

St. Matthew’s has an active religious education program for children from pre-school to high school.  We use age-appropriate curricula and have activities for each grade level.  For more information, see The St. Matthew’s Church School: A Book of Information for Parents.  To register your child, please fill out this registration form.  For learn more, please contact the Parish Office, or the Children's Ministry Coordinator Tara Deeks.

2018-19 Church School Calendar

Pre-K through Third Grades

One of our most lovely and enduring activities at St. Matthew’s is the Children’s Prayer Service. Children in Pre-K through 3rd grade have their own special service at 10:00 a.m. in the Children’s Chapel each week. A Lay Minister leads the children in their own special prayers, sing wonderful hymns with the children, (with accompaniment from a musician) and tell a short bible lesson.  The children participate in the service by lighting and extinguishing the candles, collecting the offering, its presentation, and as crucifers. By First Grade, the children have memorized all the prayers and responses.  After the Prayer Service the children proceed to their classrooms in the Parish House to discuss the day’s lesson and participate in a related activity.  Parents can pick up their children after service from their classroom.

Fourth through Seventh Grades

Service at St. Matthew’s begins at 10:00 a.m.  Students in these grades attend the regular church service with their parents, and then proceed to their classrooms during the Church School Recessional Hymn.  They attend class until dismissal at 11:15 a.m.


Pre-K, Kindergarten, First Grades:  Parish House –  Downstairs

Second through Fifth Grades:  Parish House – Main Floor

Sixth and Seventh Grades:  Parish House – Library

kids on first day


St.Matthew's Church School is providing videos to accompany the Bible lessons taught on Sundays.  Below are those that are available.

St. Matthew's Vimeo Channel