Church School

Children are not only the future of the Church but also vital members of its present, and we are delighted to care for, and be led by, our little children here at St. Matthew's.  Our Church School provides Sunday morning worship, education and play at 10 a.m. for children in PreK to 7th grade using age-appropriate programming.  For more information about our mission, please see the "Growing in Grace" vision document (VIEWED HERE), or contact the Church School Coordinator, Elizabeth Lindsey

Church School returned on Sept. 13 with a Covid-adjusted-in-person program.  We are also offering an "@home" option  consisting of a weekly video and activity sheet posted here each Friday for famlies with young children.  Past Church School@Home videos can also be VIEWED HERE.  If you child is also missing music from Church School, we have created the St. Matthew's Songbook, a playlist of favorites recorded by Mark Weigel and Drew Courtright (CLICK HERE), along with the lyrics for the songs (CLICK HERE)Our 10 a.m. church service continues to be live-streamed and can be viewed with your family live or at a later time.


6.6 lesson

6.6 games



                                                                     Traditional Church School Special Activities

In a traditional Church School year, our children participate in several enjoyable activities outside the classroom.  The Spaghetti Supper and Haunted Hike is a fun welcome back evening at Halloween for the entire parish.  The Christmas Pageant is a gift to the congregation of a special service from the Church School.  The Holy Saturday Service and Easter Egg Hunt is a way for our children to become more involved in a Holy Day Service.  The children also participate in the Super Bowl Bake Sale and Mardi Gras Party.  The Flowering of the Cross on Mother's Day helps us all celebrate the renewal of life through our Lord Jesus Christ.