St. Matthew's Fellowship Dinners 2018-19

Our objective is to provide an opportunity for parishioners to meet more and different people in a casual, small group setting.

"Fellowship is an opportunity to get to know people you might not know; while friendship is spending time with those you already know."                 --John Zahl           


We are introducing two new features this year:

  • The option to choose a group to which children are welcome to attend along with parents or an adults-only group.  You may choose both, if you wish.
  • John will provide us with "entree exchange" and "dessert discourse" topics to add to our experience.

Here is how it works: choose a day/time (or more than one) on which you would be willing to participate in a dinner/brunch party with other parishioners.

  • Couples and singles, "old-timers" and newcomers, and all ages are welcome.
  • We will arrange groups of 7-12 people based on their preferred evening. You may be added to an existing group or be part of new group.
  • We will send an email with their group list to all participants so they can communicate to get organized for the first dinner.
  • We will ask one member of each group to volunteer to host and one member to volunteer to organize the food.
  • Once groups have established their dates, the rector will attend as many as he is able.

We ask that you sign up below immediately, with a deadline November 15st.  You will be notified of your group on or about November 21st.  

Questions?  Email Mary Farley or call her at 914.666.5522.

Dinner party pic

Fellowship Dinners 2018-19 Sign Up