Daniel C. de Menocal, Jr., Senior Warden Suzanne Bowers, Junior Warden
Alison Knipp, Clerk Mark Weigel, Treasurer
David Fife, Assistant Treasurer John Stockbridge
Jerry Bogert Michael Struble
Suzanne Bowers Paul Sturz
Patrick Brennan Steel Swift
Camillo Santomero Bonnie Tisi
  John Walker



Find a detailed description of these organizations here.

Altar Guild Mrs. Steven Borner
     Flower Committee Mrs. Michael Lindsay-Steward and Mrs. Jose Gonzalez
Bedell Committee June Blanc and Nancy Vincent
Bedford Spring Antiques Show Suzanne Bowers
     Show Manager Kathy Abbott
Christian Education Commission Sally Farrell
     Confirmation Class Susan C. Wyper
     Middle School Youth Group Camillo Santomero
Churchyard Committee Kurt Harrison and Candy Borner
Communications Committee June Blanc
    THE KEY            Herb Foster and June Blanc
    Website Mary Farley
Environmental Committee Ellen Conrad
Insurance Committee Matthew Fox
Investment Committee John Talty
Men of St. Matthew's Douglas Kim and Michael Struble
Music Committee Roger Blanc and Mark Weigel
Office Administration Committee John Lange
     Receptionists Mrs. Michael Lindsay-Steward
Outreach Commission Mrs. Laura Sturz and Caroline Shepherd
Property Commission Christopher Farrell and John Pinckney
    Project "SMILE" Daniel de Menocal
Stewardship Committee Steel Swift, April Foley and Paul Sturz
    Ketchum Society Harold Talbot and Christine P. Foster
Neighbors Helping Neighbors Christine P. Foster
Welcome Commission Mrs. Janet Schloat
Women of St. Matthew's Mrs. Thomas LaMotte and Mrs. Gregory Gaynor
    Art Show Bedford Laura Sturz and Laura Blau
    Coffee Hour Amoret Jorgensen
    Library Cindy Dwyer
    Hospitality Holly Brown and Mrs. Gregory Gaynor
Woodlands Commission Christopher Burdick and Fred John
Worship Commission Christine P. Foster
    Verger David Seaman
    Acolytes Susan Wyper
    Lay Readers and Lectors Christine P. Foster
    Ushers Michael Lindsay-Stewart
Young Families of St. Matthew's The Rev. Rik Pike