New to the area? Welcome to St. Matthew's!

Dear Friends,

        You have been sure to have driven by St. Matthew's Church on Route 22 while commuting to work, enroute to a restaurant, driving children to preschool or passing by on a drive in the country.  It sits so prominently close to the road, you can nearly see inside its Palladian windows.  Many stop to visit because of its leadership role since the Revolutionary War.  Still others are drawn to its rural beauty, entering to find its quiet peace offer them sanctuary from the congestion and pressure of a work week.  They write things like, "Thank you for helping me regain some clarity and start breathing again."  Newcomers visit weekly on Sundays looking for a place to call home where they discover a renewing perspective for their life's journey.  They report a growing sense of balance and hope, comment on how the music is transporting and that the sermons nourish them for the rest of the week.

        Whether you need a break or want to explore a church that looks like a museum yet acts like a cafe where you could meet someone for coffee or tea, you are apt to be surprised by how un-church will experience us.  It's just a hunch -- that we might have just what you are looking for.  We realize everyone has a spiritual yearning they hunger to satisfy.  You might find here an open door to the treasury of spiritual riches awaiting you.  And yes, we will leave you alone if that's what you need.  But expect a warm handshake and a smile on your way to your seat.


                                                                                                                       Rev. John A. Zahl, Rector


Thank you for considering St. Matthew’s -- we hope that you will visit us soon and consider becoming a member.

We are a "low church" Episcopal parish, with several types of services and a full Church School program from nursery care through Confirmation.   For information about Church School, contact Children's Ministry Coordinator Melissa Torres

Our history is long, and St. Matthew's has served, and will serve, many generations of Christians in a warm, compassionate community of believers.

There are many types of parish organizations to join, from the few-times-a-year coffee hour teams to the important weekly role of Church School teacher.

Please us know when you visit - one of the clergy or any parishioner will be happy to answer any questions and escort you to Coffee Hour (after the 10 a.m. service only).  Our Welcome Commission enables newcomers to become part of our community in no time flat!

To learn more about St. Matthew's, please explore our website and here are some FAQs about our parish. 

For more information, please email us.  If you would like to become a member, please fill out the form below and the Welcome Commission will contact you.

We hope to see you in Church!

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